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Class Orientation

Course Overview
Meet the Professor
Course Tools

Session one includes a guided course overview, student and teacher intros, shared tools and resources, and tips on how to get the most out of the program.

The Marketer's Operating System

Organizing Principles
Organizational Structures

Session two lays a solid foundation for the strategic planning work ahead. The Marketers Operating System is a management framework that incorporates people, process, & technology.

Project Management

Primary Workflow
Popular Frameworks
Project Management Platforms

Without project management, a team can be like a ship without a rudder. PMs provide leadership and vision, motivation and clarity, and can inspire a team to deliver their best work.

Market Research

Trends and Forecasting
Keyword Research
Digital Audits & Assessments

Session four covers the fundamentals of market research and insight. This is a step-by-step guide to competitor and trend analysis, digital assessments and keyword tracking.

Content Development

Graphic Design
Video Production

When cat memes and Abe Lincoln quotes won’t cut it, it’s time for creative direction. Session five dives into issues of outsourcing vs. hiring in-house, when to DIY and who to call for help.

Brand Infrastructure

Customer Experience
Digital Properties
Asset Management

From hosted websites to mobile apps and email assets, there’s a lot to account for in a complete marketing plan. This session includes a matrix of customer touch-points and key considerations.

Digital Advertising

Search Advertising
Social Advertising
E-Commerce Advertising

Advertising is the art of inspiring customer action. Session seven provides a detailed look at the most popular online ad formats, including text, image and video-based content strategies.

Analytics + Reporting

Google Analytics
Dashboard Reports
BI Tools & Resources

A chart can tell a story in an instant, as a picture worth a thousand words. From simple graphs to interactive reports, data visualizations provide context and structure for our campaign results.

Sales Enablement

Salesforce & CRMs
Landing Pages
Email Automation

Session nine is a deep-dive into lead generation and B2B sales strategy. We break down the process from first-click to customer acquisition and beyond.

Professional Development

Team Coaching
Courses & LMSs
Robots & Resumes

Personal growth, skill refinement and career advancement are valued by marketers at every level, and are the focus of session ten. A culture of learning inspires trust and directly contributes to long-term job satisfaction.

Marketing Finance

Annual Ops Plan
PPC Budget Template
Spreadsheet Tips

Research-backed budgets support ambitious goals that scale. Finance is a natural extension of the marketing management process and is explored in depth in session eleven.

Building a 90 Day Marketing Plan

Plan Structure
Presentation Polish
Roles, Goals & KPIs

By the end of week twelve, students have gained a comprehensive understanding of the digital marketing landscape and are now equipped to develop a roadmap of their own.

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